ASOHNS is pleased to be facilitating a Mentoring Program for OHNS Trainees.  Mentoring is defined as a "mutually beneficial relationship which involves a more experienced person helping a less experience person to identify and achieve their goals"

As a mentor you will have excellent communication skills particularly listening and a desire to contribute to our profession's commitment to quality training.

ASOHNS Mentors

If you would like to serve as a mentor, please email for further infomation.

Mentoring Meeting Essential Checklist

 Mentoring a Practical Guide (RACS 4 Stages of Mentoring)

 ASOHNS Mentoring Program Guide for Mentors

 ASOHNS Meeting Guide for Mentors

 Mentoring Agreement Form

 ASOHNS Meeting Summary Recording Form (online)

 Mentoring Resources (please login to RACS for access)

Preparing for mentoring – A guide on preparing to be a successful and fulfilling mentor

Building the relationship – A guide on where the mentee and mentor establish trust and rapport and where they discuss expectations in the relationship 

Developing the Mentee – A guide on how the mentor can challenge and facilitate further thinking in the mentee

Transitioning the relationship – The final stage of the mentor process and where they transition from mentor and mentee to a new professional relationship

The importance of mentoring for junior doctors – Research on how increased support and education for trainees may lead to greater satisfaction with their training programme.

Mentoring doctors: how to design and implement a junior doctor mentoring program – Dr Dianne Salvador and Dr Rachel Collings– A book on how to design and implement a mentoring program for junior doctors at your hospital

The 5 most common mentoring program mistakes to avoid – Robert Half – The most common mistakes made that lead to an unsuccessful mentorship.

Mentoring Support Tools

Confidentiality Protocol

Mentoring Session Attendance

Mentoring Session Summary

Mentoring Action Plan

Role Perceptions Rating Scale

Wheel of Life in Mentoring

Mentor Self Reflection

Mentor SWOT Analysis

We have to talk (checklist for difficult conversations)

Honing Your Skills as a Peer Coach

Transitioning the Relationship

Final meeting reflection and evaluation