Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Ear Health Manual

Hearing problems and ear infections are some of the most common problems managed at the primary health care level throughout Australia.

How these problems affect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population has, for some reason, received scant attention in teaching programs.

Almost everyone can benefit from teaching material written in plain language and that is the advantage of this Manual. It explains the basics and the essentials of ear health, has superb drawings and photographs, and its sections are compact and readable.”

Excerpt from the 1st edition Manual’s Foreword written by

Mr Henry Councillor
National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation

The 1st edition Aboriginal Ear Health Manual was written in 2008 in response to the high prevalance of hearing problems and ear infections in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.

The recent 3rd edition incorporates changes in managing ear health and continues to convey the basics and essentials of ear health management concisely and accurately through plain language, simple explanations, great illustrations and images.

ASOHNS Members can obtain free copies of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ear Health Manual by contacting the ASOHNS Office.

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