Advocacy on behalf of OHNS Specialty

Among the advantages of membership, perhaps the most significant and relevant to you is advocacy on behalf of our specialty, which includes liaison with government departments, health funds, media and the community.

Members’ interests are represented exclusively on a number of statutory, regulatory and affiliated bodies on matters concerning the specialty – ranging from scope of practice to fair reimbursement policies – and related sciences for the public’s welfare.

ASOHNS' role is to protect your interests and the greater our membership numbers, the more effective our voice.

Professional Development - Support 

ASOHNS provides support towards maintaing your CME criteria, including:

  • Annual Scientific Meetings (ASM) rotated in each major capital in Australia – with discounted registration fees for members

  • regular state-based CPD meetings, lectures and webinars

  • regular information updates on relevant meetings, workshops and courses via our website and Professional Develop Update e-bulletins

  • free online access to the Australian Journal of Otolaryngology 

AHPRA requires that surgeons must be CPD-compliant. Surgeons can be struck off if their CPD requirements are not up-to-date.

In addition to the resources outlined above, ASOHNS’ CPD Sub-committee Chair is available to help with any queries or issues.

Member Networking Services

  • Inclusion in the Find A Surgeon facility on the Home page of the website, which is accessible by the public.

  • Inclusion in the regularly updated Membership Directory, which is useful for easy peer contact and/or patient referral.

  • Newsletters produced twice yearly.

  • Ongoing email updates containing news and information on a range of topics and issues directly related to you.

  • Outreach opportunities and Indigenous ear health programs.