Robert Guerin Research Prize

The Passe and Williams Foundation award an annual prize for the best adjudged trainee research.

The prize is presented at the Robert Guerin Trainees Meeting.

The prize consists of a Certificate, free registration and an opportunity to present as a speaker at the next Frontiers Meeting. (Australian trainees only)

2022 Winner - Dr Claire Frauenfelder

Outcomes for head and neck cancer patients admitted to intensive care in Australia and New Zealand between 2000 and 2016
C A Frauenfelder1,2, E P Raith3,4, S Krishnan1,2, A Udy5,6,7 and D Pilcher5,6,7

2021 Winner - Dr Giri Krishnan

Metastatic and sentinel lymph node mapping using intravenously delivered Panitumumab-IRDye800CW
Giri Krishnan1,2, Nynke S. van den Berg1, Naoki Nishio1, Georgina Juniper1, Jaqueline Pei1, Quan Zhou1, Guolan Lu1, Yu-Jin Lee1, Kimberly Ramos3, Andrei H. Iagaru3, Fred M. Baik1, Alexander D. Colevas4, Brock A. Martin5, Eben L. Rosenthal1

2020 Winner - Dr Jake Jervis Bardy

Examining the Evidence for an Adult Healthy Middle Ear Microbiome
Jake Jervis-Bardy, a,b Lex E. X. Leong,c,d Lito E. Papanicolas,c,d Kerry L. Ivey,d,e Sharad Chawla,a Charmaine M. Woods, a Claire Frauenfelder, a Eng H. Ooi, a Geraint B. Rogers c,d

2019 Winner - Dr Nathan Creber

A comparison of cochlear distribution and glucocorticoid receptor activation in local and systemic dexamethasone drug delivery regimes
Nathan J. Creber a, *, Hayden T. Eastwood a, Amy J. Hampson a, Justin Tan a, Stephen J. O’Leary a