The Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Limited’s  (ASOHNS) corporate structure is a company limited by guarantee, governed by a Council of Directors.

  • The Council members’ key performance roles are strategy formulation and policy-making.  
  • The Council members’ key compliance roles are to provide accountability and to monitor and supervise the organisation.
  • The Council appoints a Chief Executive Officer to implement the organisation’s strategy and manage the financial and general operations. 
  • The compliance and performance roles are approved by the Council members and are worked through, and with, the Chief Executive Officer.

ASOHNS is a national organisation comprising three full time staff, with a secretariat office located in Sydney, New South Wales.

There are six state sections, each governed by a State Section Executive, usually comprising a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The State Section Chairs sit on the Council, as their state’s representative.

Many ASOHNS members provide input in voluntary positions on committees or working groups. Many of our members also belong to various subspecialty groups.

A large number of ASOHNS members have generously volunteered their time to the Society's committees, working groups and/or outreach activities.