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2 April 2020

ASOHNS Resources:

 Letter to Members 4 PDF - 2/4/20

 Letter to Members 3 PDF - 26/3/20

 Letter to Members 2 PDF - 22/3/20

 Letter to Members 1 PDF - 20/3/20


  • Major Head and Neck Surgery during COVID-19  - Click here
  • WA ENT Recommendations for PPE for Aerosol Generating Procedures during COVID-19 pandemic - Click here
  • ANZSPO - Ethical decision-making in a COVID-19 pandemic - some thoughts - Click here





  • Guidance for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings - Click here 
  • Guidance for undertaking otological procedures during COVID -19 Pandemic - click here


Uploaded 24 March 2020

ASOHNS Resources:  

  • MBS COVID-19 Telehealth Items Stage 3 Expansion   Click here

  ENT UK:  

  • Loss of sense of smell as marker of COVID-19  Click here 



  • Should a loss of smell and taste be added to Australia's recognised coronavirus symptoms? Click here 
  • Young people who suddenly lose their sense of smell or taste could be hidden carriers of the Coronavirus -Click here 
  • Extreme viral risk cuts ear, nose and throat surgery. Financial Review article - Click here
  • Anosmia as a potential indicator for COVID -19 - News Corp Australia Network article  Click here



Uploaded 22 March 2020

 ENT UK Resources:

  • Guidance for Surgical Tracheostomy and Tracheostomy Tube change during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Click here


AAO-HNS Resources


Compilation of information - Zara M. Patel; Peter H. Hwang, MD; Jayakar V. Nayak, MD, PhD; Juan Fernandez - Miranda, MD; Robert Dodd, MD, PhD; Hamed Sajjadi, MD; Robert K. Jackler, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine, Departments of Otolaryngology - H &N Surgery and Neurosurgery Click here


Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment -

The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Compiled According to Clinical Experience - Click Here


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