Sub-specialty Meetings

Course Organiser
Prof. Anshul Sama

Prof. Anshul Sama, Nottingham, UK
Prof. Paolo Castelnuovo, Varese, Italy
Prof. James Palmer, Pennsylvania, USA
Prof. Brad Woodworth, Alabama, USA
Prof. Christos Georgalas, Athens, Greece
Prof. Philippe Herman, Paris, France
Dr Cem Meko, Turkey
Mr Ashok Rokade, Winchester, UK
Mr Shahzada Ahmed, Birmingham, UK


  • Maxi and Mini Frontal Trephines
  • Sinostomy (Draf I-IIB)
  • Frontal Sinus Rescue Procedure
  • Mucosal Flaps
  • Endoscopic Modified Lothrop's Procedure / Draf III
  • Osteoplastic Flap and Obliteration

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7th Advanced Frontal Sinus Surgery Course

22 January 2018 to 23 January 2018

Coventry, UK

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+44 (0)7756 045504

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