Sub-specialty Meetings

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Main Speakers
Assoc. Prof. Stuart Mackay (Wollongong)
Andrew Jones (Wollongong)
Dr Lyndon Chan (Wollongong)

Ben Panizza
Bernard Whitfield
James Bowman
Ben Wallwork
Nicholas POtter
Raefe Gundelach
Neil De Zoysa
Hidde Vennstra
Simon Nasser
David Wright
Cheryl Kelly
Gianna Gangemi


Topics Include

Palatal Procedures

  • Modified UPPP
  •  Lateral palatopexy
  • Other UPPP variants
  • Transpalatal advancement

Tongue Procedures

  • Coblation / Radiofrequency Channelling
  • Midline glossectomy
  • CobLAMO
  • Submucosal Lingualplasty
  • Geniotubercle Advancement

Clinical Assessment

  • Nasal
  • Oral cavity / Oropharynx
  • Awake Nasendoscopy with Manouvres
  • Sleep Endoscopy


  • Coblation Technologies
  • Harmonic Technologies



The University of Queensland
Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology
Otto Hirschfeld Building
St Lucia    Brisbane    Qld    4072

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Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Cadaver Dissection Course

28 June 2017 to 29 June 2017

The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Qld

Contact Name
Shirley Littlemore

Contact Phone
+61 7 3176 5266

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