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Our Faculty is led by Professor P-J Wormald who has a Rhinology interest.  Professor PJ Wormald is a recognized international leader and expert in rhinology.  One of his major interests has been the development of new techniques for teaching endoscopic sinus surgery anatomy and techniques.  He is widely acclaimed as a teacher of excellence and is invited to lecture nationally and internationally.

The rest of the Faculty is made up of very experienced and highly trained surgeons, most of whom have done Rhinology Fellowships.  This blend of youth and experience ensure a high level of experienced supervision for all dissectors.


The course commences 0830 for Registration on the first day, and finishes at 1600 on the final day and will include the following:


·       Anatomy of the frontal recess

·       Biofilms in Chronic sinusitis and Endoscopic approaches to
benign and malignant sinus tumors

·       Surgical approaches to the sphenoid

·       Management of the bloody surgical field

·       Management of the severely diseased maxillary sinus


·       Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy

·       Endoscopic MMA, ethmoidectomy, frontal recess clearance,
posterior ethmoidectomy and sphenoidotomy, and septoplasty


·       Mini-FESS or uncinectomy and MMA

·       Powered inferior turbinoplasty and endoscopic septoplasty

·       Anterior approach to the maxillary sinus

·       Powered endoscopic DCR

·       Frontal recess and mini-trephine

·       Posterior ethmoids and sphenoidotomy

·       Orbital and optic nerve decompression

·       Spheno-palatine artery ligation

·       Vidian nerve neurectomy

·       CSF leak closure

·       Pituitary surgery

·       Frontal drillout Procedure

·       Pre-lacrimal Approach

·       Modified Medial Maxillectomy


21st Advanced Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course

22 November 2018 to 24 November 2018

Bioskills Laboratory, Cadaver Dissection Room, Adelaide Medical School, The University of Adelaide, Frome Road, Adelaide SA 5000

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