Australian and NZ Meetings

Kelli Hancock
Nadine Lawson
Annette Waite
Scott Coman
Raefe Gundelach
Chris Perry

International Faculty
Michiel van den Brekel
Theo Gregor

The Princess Alexandra Hospital
Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba, Brisbane


  • Introduction to comprehensive postlaryngectomy rehabilitation
  • Basic aspects of the voice prosthesis range & selection
  • Hands-on session, practicing voice prosthesis replacement and use of accessories
  • Speech and swallowing rehabilitation & troubleshooting
  • International perspective on voice prosthesis rehabilitation
  • Local perspective: Voice Prosthesis management and changes in clinical practice
  • Time of surgery voice prosthesis placement
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation: basic physiology & clinical research
  • Olfaction rehabilitation
  • Surgical techniques inlcuding voice prosthesis placement
  • Cadaver dissection: total laryngectomy with primary TEP
  • Patient demonstration of freehands, HME’s & voice prosthesis replacement


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GPRA (Global Postlaryngectomy Rehabilitation Academy) Workshop

2 November 2017 to 3 November 2017

Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Qld

Contact Phone
07 3176 7425

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