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15 November 2019

Applications are invited for the Meniére’s Disease research grant, made available through ASOHNS on behalf of the late Grace Kathleen Mary Fanton.
Funds from the Estate of the late Grace Fanton (1903-1997) were accepted by ASOHNS in 1997.
The conditions of the estate require that:

  • the funds are applied towards research solely into Meniere’s Disease
  • the research is approved by the relevent ethics commitee and/or regulatory body.

The amount of the grant is $130,000.00. It will be at the selection committee's discretion as to whether the amount is given as a single amount to a successful applicant or to a number of successful applicants up to the full amount.
The successful recipient must present his/her work at an ASOHNS annual scientific meeting and publish the work in an edition of the ASOHNS journal.
If you wish to apply for the grant, please
click here to access the application form.


Due: Friday 28 February 2020


Lorna Watson, Executive & Finance Officer
T:  (02) 9954 5856    E: