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20 January 2015

ASOHNS congratulates our member, Lauriate Professor Emeritus Graeme Clark AC, Australia's bionic ear pioneer, as a joint recipient of the 2015 Russ Prize

The biennial Russ Prize recognises a bioengineering achievement in widespread use that significantly improves the human condition.  It is awarded by Ohio University and the US National Academy of Engineering.  The Prize encourages collaboration between the engineering, medical and biological disciplines and professions.

Professor Clark is the first Australian to receive this award. It is further international recognition of the achievement of Professor Clark and his team at the University of Melbourne that developed the first multi-channel cochlear implant in 1978.  More than 320,000 people around the world have had their hearing restored with the cochlear implant procedure, and the lives of many millions of people have been positively affected as a result.

The Russ Prize is the latest in a long list of awards Professor Clark has received during his career, including the Lasker De-Bakey Clinical Medical Research Award in 2013, the CSL Howard Florey Medal in 2011 and the Lister Medal in 2010.


Source:  The Convergence Science Network