ASOHNS Journal Supplement

The ASOHNS Journal Supplement is published in collaboration with the Journal of Laryngology and Otology (JLO) twice a year as a supplement, which can be accessed online free of charge to ASOHNS members and those currently on the OHNS training program.  A hard copy of each supplement is also posted to members and trainees.



Submitting Articles:


Original research submissions:

These represent the mainstay of published submissions. They represent a clear hypothesis and clinical relevance, methods described so that they could be repeated by another, results with correct statistical description and analysis (with every outcome defined in the prior methods) and a discussion that draws a conclusion based on the data presented. Theses should not exceed 3000 words. Trainee first author submissions are considered for the ASOHNS JLO award.



Clinical Records (Case Reports):

These have a VERY high rate for rejection.  This can lead to disillusionment, especially to those on or looking to join the training scheme and seeking publication. Studies with an hypothesis and original data are always preferred.

If a case report is submitted, it should be no more than 1500 words, with four authors as a maximum and should be confined either to single cases without precedent in the world literature or to cases that illustrate some entirely new facet in management or investigation. Most will almost certainly be rejected and please contact the editor if you wish to discuss a potential submission.




A systematic review is likely to be accepted and should be considered as a very real alternative to a case report or extended case series. The search strategy must be detailed and should represent quality secondary research. The review should be systematic – ie the process upon which the literature was searched and compiled by the authors should be described so that it is unbiased and could be repeated by another.


The methodology of reviews should follow the PRISMA ( and Cochrane Handbook style ( where possible. The editor of the Supplement can specifically commission larger reviews. If you would anticipate a larger word limit being required, please contact me for advice.



How I Do It:

These should be articles illustrating surgical technique or the use of technical innovation. As with Clinical Records the manuscript should not exceed 1500 words and with a maximum of four authors. Articles should be clearly illustrated with line art from a laser printer. Preference to publication is given to those submissions with high quality figure, photos and artwork to demonstrate the technique. A brief ‘clinical audit’ of the author/s' results is expected.

All submissions are electronic submissions and should be submitted via the MAIN JLO website at:


Tick the “Australian Supplement” option during the submission process.


Prof. Richard Harvey
Editor, Australian Journal of Laryngology and Otology