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The Sydney Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course is now in its 5th year.


This is a fresh cadaver dissection course designed to introduce the practising otolaryngologist and senior trainee to the fundamentals of EES.

The course dissection is based on the SEES online dissection modules and guide. There will be structured 8 step dissection, EES operation principles, getting started with EES and live surgery. Each dissector will progress through 2 fresh cadaver endoscopic ear and lateral skull base dissections.

It will follow the established two day format with each dissector having a full head (two ears) 

  • Day One - will concentrate on the basics of the technique with exploration of the anatomy from EAC to CPA.

  • Day Two -  will look at applications of the technique in cholesteatoma surgery, stapedotomy, etc.


Three international speakers have confirmed attendance:

  • A/Prof. Daniel Lee from Harvard, USA (IWGEES Board member, President of the 3rd World Congress on EES)

  • A/Prof Michael Cohen from Harvard, USA (IWGEES, Specialist interest in Paediatric EES)

  • Prof. Seiji Kakahata from Yamagata, Japan (IWGEES Board member, President of Pan Asian Working Group for EES)


There will be live surgical demonstration, group lectures and panel discussions.

The Saturday night will include a course dinner and cruise.

The course has a 20 Dissector Limit.


The course includes:

  • 2 endoscope approaches to the ear and lateral skull base
  • Reknown international guest speakers
  • Live Surgery
  • SEES Dissection guide manual
  • Full catering throughout the day
  • Course dinner 

Registration for this course is now open. Please use the following link to register:



Sydney Endoscopic Ear Surgery Dissection Course 2018

15 September 2018 to 16 September 2018

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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Dr Alex Saxby

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