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28 April 2020


Dated 22 April 2020

This resource was developed arising from yesterday’s webinar with Dr Coatsworth, hosted by RACS.

In the webinar, Dr Bridget Clancy identified an opportunity to help rural surgeons understand what their local prevalence is, by linking to resources with this information to add to the COVID-19 resources hub at RACS.

Australian state and territory health jurisdictions provide maps and charts of confirmed cases by locality classifications, whereas others provide tabulated data.

Summarised below is a list of resources which will be useful for surgeons to gauge their local regional prevalence of positive cases.


·       Queensland

o   Latest updates

o   Confirmed cases by hospital and health service (table)

·       New South Wales

o   Latest information and statistics (charts and map)

o   Confirmed cases by local government area (tables and map)

o   Confirmed cases by local health district (tables and map)

·       Australian Capital Territory

o   Latest information

o   Confirmed cases by Statistical Area Level3 (charts, tables and map)

·       Victoria

o   Latest information

o   Confirmed cases by local government area (charts, tables and map)

·       Tasmania

o   Latest case information and statistics (table)

·       South Australia

o   Latest information

o   Confirmed and suspected cases by location (maps and tables)

·       Western Australia

o   Latest case information and statistics (maps and tables)

·       Northern Territory

o   Latest information and statistics (table as a whole territory)