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13 October 2014

RACS introduces annual awards for Fellows’ contributions to Indigenous Health communities -  Australia & NZ
We are very pleased to advise that RACS has established two new annual awards acknowledging significant contributions by Fellows to Indigenous health in Australia and New Zealand.
*Nominations for these inaugural awards will close on:
5pm on Friday, 14 November 2014

The awards will each be made to a Fellow who has shown excellence to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health or Maori health through:
     -  leadership
     -  practice
     -  advocacy
     - community engagement
     - education
     - research
The Awards are open to all Fellows and the nomination may come from any individual Fellow, surgical society, regional committee, the Indigenous Health Committee or the Indigenous community in either Australia or New Zealand.
Award recipients will be presented with a bronze medal at each RACS Annual Congress from 2015 onwards.
The awards are designed to:

  • acknowledge and value the tremendous work undertaken by Fellows in both Australia and New Zealand in Indigenous health care and advocacy;


  • acknowledge that Indigenous Health in Australia and New Zealand have common yet distinct needs requiring locally specific responses;


  • acknowledge and value an individual’s contribution by their peers;


  • inspire and encourage new engagement by the Fellowship in efforts to deliver better health outcomes for Indigenous communities in both countries;


  • inform and reinforce the College’s strong position on, and ongoing commitment to, Indigenous health;


  • promote excellence in the College’s engagement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and Maori health and celebrate achievements to date


*Nominations for a RACS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Medal or Maori Health Medal should be made in writing to the Chair of the Indigenous Health Committee.

The nomination should contain a curriculum vitae and details of how the nominee meets the criteria for the award.
Further information on the nomination process and criteria are available on the RACS website at:

RACS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Medal
Neil Vallance FRACS
ASOHNS President