RGM2021 Research Prize


Robert Guerin Research Prize

The Garnett Passe Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation (GPRWMF) award an annual prize for the best adjudged trainee research.

The prize is presented at the Robert Guerin Meeting.

The prize consists of a GPRWMF Certificate, free registration and an opportunity to present as a speaker at the next Frontiers Meeting. (Australian trainees only)


Presentation Morning Tea Day Two

The prize will be awarded by Dr Michael Jay who will be presenting at the Adelaide HUB in the RACS office.


2021 Submissions

The following 5 Research papers were short listed to be in the running for the best adjudged research for 2021.


1. Neutralizing the pathological effects of extracellular histones with small polyanions 

Connor H. O’ Meara 1,8, Lucy A. Coupland 1,8, Farzaneh Kordbacheh1,8, Benjamin J. C. Quah1,8Chih-Wei Chang 2,8, David A. Simon Davis1, Anna Bezos1, Anna M. Browne 1, Craig Freeman 1, Dillon J. Hammill1, Pradeep Chopra2, Gergely Pipa2, Paul D. Madge2, Esther Gallant3, Courtney Segovis3, Angela F. Dulhunty3, Leonard F. Arnolda4, Imogen Mitchell5, Levon M. Khachigian 6, Ross W. Stephens 7,

2. Is mastoiditis being over-diagnosed on computed tomography imaging? —radiological versus clinical findings.

Andrew Pastuszek1, Jonathan Lomas1, Cameron Grigg1, Ranit De

3. Metastatic lymph node mapping with IV Panitumumab-IRDye800CW

Giri Krishnan1,2, Nynke S. van den Berg1, Naoki Nishio1, Georgina Juniper, Jaqueline Pei1Quan Zhou1, Guolan Lu1, Yu-Jin Lee1, Kimberly Ramos3, Andrei H. Iagaru3, Fred M. Baik1,

4. Surgical management of recurrent cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck after definitive surgery and radiotherapy

Jason Toppi ,Yik Seng Tham,Angela Webb,Michael A. Henderson ,*† Danny Rischin†‡ and  Matthew J. R. Magarey 

5.  Development of a non-invasive exhaled breath test for the diagnosis of head and neck cancer

Nuwan Dharmawardana 1,2, Thomas Goddard3, Charmaine Woods1,2, David I. Watson2, Eng H. Ooi1,2 and Roger Yazbeck2



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