Equipment Wanted

There are now 9 Specialist OHN Surgeons based in 7 sites in PNG with 4 (and soon to be 8) registrars, serving a population of 8.5 million people.


Most centres are short of adequate equipment for routine OHN procedures, and only 3 currently have a microscope and drill for ear surgery. The senior surgeons in Port Moresby have requested our assistance with overcoming this shortage.


Many of our more senior members are likely to have sets of well used but very serviceable OHN instruments that are no longer needed. There may also be microscopes and drills. These could be put to very good use in PNG.


My initial request is for information on what is available and what might be offered for this purpose.

We should be able to arrange transport without cost to the donors, probably to a central site for transfer to Port Moresby and distribution as required.


I will be happy to collate the information and co-ordinate transport, and can be contacted via Melissa Coward at the ASOHNS Office on T:  +61 2 9954 5856  or  E:


Vincent Cousins