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Face and body skin care is necessary not only when certain problems appear with it, but also for the purpose of prophylaxis on a daily basis, since this part of the body requires special care.
It is the face that affects the age signs, namely, acne in adolescents, wrinkles in aged people. Therefore, it is important that the skin look healthy at any time during its life.
So, four basic rules of care:
1. Cleansing;
2. Toning;
3. Moistening;
4. Nutrition.
But it is important to note that the skin of each person needs individual care, since it is different for all people. These types of skin can be identified by external signs - oiliness and moisture: normal, dry, oily and combined.
And by defining your type, you can know which rule of care is more to emphasize.
Normal skin type
The absence of significant problems, highly visible exfoliation, acne and redness - all this is characteristic of the appearance of normal skin. This type is easily maintained in good shape, but it is important to remember that after youth and elasticity, over the years, aging always comes, and normal skin gradually becomes dry.
Oily skin
Special factors of this type of skin are oily secretions on the skin in the chin, nose and forehead area, due to which the pores of the face are torn off and become an accumulation of black spots. This is affected by poor diet, excess weight, sweating, and problems with imbalance and glands in the body.
It is worth remembering that everyday care for such skin is simply necessary, otherwise there will be even more problems with it, and this will bring discomfort.
Dry skin
Dry skin is more prone to aging. Due to insufficient moisture, wrinkles appear very soon. In addition, it can sharply react to external factors, namely the sun's rays, stuffiness, dry air or sudden changes in temperature. That is why this skin requires constant hydration, which will give it strength and support in tone.
Combination skin
This type of skin requires the most attentive care, because for different parts of the face and body a different care is needed - for dry skin and for oily. This body reaction occurs as a result of improper skin care.
How to care for your skin?
For a start it is worth remembering about daily washing. Next - use the necessary tools. Peeling is necessary for cleaning and renewing the skin, when unnecessary particles of it are simply removed. Tonic helps to remove the remnants of peeling cream and cleans the pores more deeply. For oily skin it is quite enough for care, but for dry skin it is necessary to combine it with the use of a moisturizing cream.
For food used cream. Such creams are both day and night, because the skin can always be nourished with moisturizing. The main rule is to apply it only on clean skin.
All means of such care and skin hygiene should be selected according to the recommendations of specialists - cosmetologists who will help in solving problems with your skin and help maintain its health. Such care products are important not only for the skin, but also for the skin of the whole body. Some parts have a more fatty composition, some - dryness, and therefore you need to take into account all the individualities of your body and properly care for them. ебалово