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STO is one of the most current building materials used for facade cladding. Paints, plasters, decorative facade profiles and many other building materials were created under this brand. Each of them gives a unique look to the exterior of the wall and can sufficiently, optimally, provide thermal insulation. Today it is one of the most popular materials, consisting of high-quality components. Any STO coating is an aesthetic and attractive appearance, all with high quality and material reliability.
Apply the material using spatulas. But before you start work, you will have to clean the entire surface of contamination and dust, since if they exist, the applied plaster will fall off. If all the work is done correctly and all building standards are followed, then a great result can be achieved. Degreasing the walls in this case is a necessary process, since the walls are constantly sprayed on the outside, and while you work on one side, the other side will have time to get enough dirt.
Application of the solution should be uniform. And should be held across the wall. After one layer, it is necessary to wait for some time until it is completely dry, however, to do so, as indicated on the packaging. After such preparation, the surface must be primed. This process is necessary for fixing the applied material. After it will be possible to paint. To do this, you can use paint from the same series. It contains the same components as in the plaster.
Before any choice of building material you should not pay attention to the price, but you should know the main characteristics and what exactly they are for. Therefore, it is recommended to especially carefully read the product instructions. And after using it as a facing material.
The advantages of the described building material are many. To begin with, STO is a plaster with water-proof qualities that can serve as a reliable facing building material. It will serve for a long time, and will not fall off with changes in temperature and weather conditions. In its composition there is an adhesive mixture that allows you to keep for a long time. It also falls on the surface easily, because of its elastic texture. The material is comfortable and looks beautiful outside, but its price is high. CVV Shop Forum