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Sex services are becoming one of the most popular areas of shadow business in Ukraine
On January 22, the Ukrainian police reported on the elimination of brothels, which were located in the very center of the capital - on Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya and Khreshchatyk, two steps away from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

“During the procedural action, we detained the organizer and participants during the provision of sexual services to clients from site We have established that the 32-year-old inhabitant of the Ternopil region has arranged a stash. The pimp acted according to a scheme - she rented an apartment in the center of the capital and recruited twelve girls who agreed to provide sexual services for money, ”says the temporary head of the Kiev police department for combating crimes related to human trafficking, Alexey Gavrilyuk.

During a police raid, a girl was arrested in respect of whom an administrative offense report was filed, and the investigative department of the Goloseyevsky police department began criminal proceedings under the second part of Article 303 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (pimping or involving a person in prostitution), according to which a brothel keeper can face up to seven years in prison.

On the same day, it became known that the police discovered a large porn studio, which comfortably housed in a four-story Kiev mansion. At this sex factory, immediately worked thirteen actresses who shot pornographic streams online, fulfilling the wishes of foreign clients. And the studio that worked for at least six months was equipped with the newest and most expensive equipment, which in itself shows how profitable this business is.

These two incidents reveal the scale and main directions of the illegal sex business, which has received a massive scale in recent years, becoming one of the most successful segments of the shadow economy of Ukraine. According to the International HIV / AIDS Alliance and the Ukrainian Institute of Social Research. Yaremenko, from 50 to 80 thousand Ukrainian women are involved in it - not counting those who work outside Ukraine. However, according to experts, this number does not reflect the real number of representatives of the Ukrainian sex business, since most of them by all means hide their “profession”.

In addition, as the crisis develops, the number of girls who engage in commercial sex on an irregular basis grows several times a year, from time to time, to solve their financial problems - without leaving their main job or studies in schools, technical schools and universities. . Indeed, among the prostitutes detained by the police, there is always a certain number of minors.

The minimum price for services of a Ukrainian sex worker is 300-400 hryvnia (from 730 to 1000 rubles) for one hour of normal sex, and the maximum hourly price is from 3 to 5 thousand hryvnia (7.3-12.2 thousand). However, high earnings in the field of prostitution are recorded only in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, the Dnieper, Lviv and some resort cities of Ukraine. At the periphery, this price falls, and in the front-line areas of Donbass, human rights defenders fix absolutely meager prices, which is associated with the difficult financial situation of the residents of the former ATO area.

The Kiev sex market is mainly focused on foreign tourists. The visa-free regime, cheapness and poverty of the population in fact turned Ukraine into a European version of Thailand. European, Turkish and Arab sex tourists arrive in Kiev for special weekend tours, using the services of numerous semi-underground escort agencies or professional pimps who have long accumulated a solid client base. In Kiev, they even released the Flirt Phrase Book, a special guide for foreigners who want to receive sex services from Ukrainian girls. According to his publishers, a dozen phrases transcribed in Latin will suffice for this: “U tebya ochen krasivye glaza (figura, ruki, nogi, popa) ... Ja tebja hochu! U tebja est prezervativ? Poehali so mnoj. By the way, in addition to stationary brothels, travel to clients is widely practiced in Ukrainian prostitution - so, in June, the police detained six pimps who worked in three regions of the country, using about forty girls who went to hotels or private apartments accompanied by guards for sexual services.

However, such detentions, as a rule, are limited to loud PR reporting about the achievements of the police. The corruption of law enforcement structures allows the underground business to successfully exist and develop - despite the occasional arrests and arrests. Loud raids in brothels are mainly associated with the struggle for the redistribution of the market, and, as a rule, remain for its subjects without serious criminal consequences, since the cases against them are falling apart before the trial.

Porno studios, which mainly work in streaming mode, are another popular area of ​​sex business. In Ukraine, there are dozens of similar services, and their number is constantly growing.

“There are many girls on the stream who will never go into prostitution. Here you simply show the client what he asks you to show, there are thousands of kilometers between you, and nothing threatens you - well, except that he can put this record on the Internet. For knowledge of English, a serious bonus is paid, therefore there are a lot of female students and smart women in the stream services, ”says porn model Irina, who has been acting in studios for more than two years.

During this time, she twice watched the police raids. But, according to the girl, the owners of the studio each time bought off law enforcement officers, who, in fact, often control and “protect” such a business in different regions of the country.

Production of pornographic content is less developed in Ukraine - according to Irina, porn actresses mainly go to make films in studios in European countries. However, the porn content is made in native walls. So, on January 15, the Primorsky Court of Odessa released 43-year-old Sergey Ulokin on bail of 140 thousand hryvnias, who deceived the girls into allegedly casting porn and then brutally raped them in front of the camera, blackmailing their victims with these records. Moreover, the scandalous release of the pornographic rapist is also explained by his connections with local law enforcement agencies, without the protection of which he could hardly systematically commit his crimes.

The scale of the shadow sex business periodically forces the authorities to raise the issue of the possibility of its legalization. On January 22, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko spoke about this.

“Today’s prostitution is a source of tremendous corruption, first of all among security officials, and it really exists, we must immediately make a decision [on its legalization]. Yes, it is not easy, but nevertheless, it is necessary to recognize the realities and make them less dangerous for society, ”Lutsenko said, noting that“ prostitution under control is more beneficial for society ”.

An attempt to legalize prostitution has already been undertaken in 2015, when deputy Andrei Nemirovsky submitted to Parliament the bill No. 3139 “On the regulation of prostitution and the activities of sex institutions”, enlisting the support of a number of politicians, including Sergey Leschenko and all the same Lutsenko. Proponents of this initiative point to the European experience, where there are several models of legalized business of intimate services. However, this initiative provoked harsh criticism from human rights experts. They convincingly argue that the legalization of prostitution will lead to a massive development of the sex business, in which hundreds of thousands of new women from impoverished Ukrainians will be quickly involved. Moreover, in the context of legal nihilism, their rights will still not be protected by law and the state.

The current scale of Ukrainian prostitution has long broken the golden age records of Kiev brothels, described in the classic Yama by Alexander Kuprin, when hundreds of girls were corrupted in the city, and the governor Gudyma-Levkovich died in the bed of one of the brothels on Esplanade Street. Our country has finally entered itself into the schemes of the world sex business, and in the coming years it will surely flourish - along with deforestation, cigarette smuggling, amber mining and other semi-criminal sectors of the ugly economic system that has developed in post-Maydan Ukraine.