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It does not make any sense at the present time when glazing greenhouses, greenhouses, winter gardens to perform all operations independently. Learn more about the conditions on which we offer our services. You quickly make sure that competently organized professional help does not cost too much. Of course, in this case, you will receive a reliable guarantee that the constructed object will perform its functions exactly for a long time.

Consider these structures in more detail. In most cases, the best solution would be to use a metal frame and special blocks made of polycarbonate. This transparent material transmits enough light for plants. At the same time, it is lighter than glass, so the design may be less massive, light. Such a structure is being built quickly, without installing a powerful foundation. Polycarbonate is much stronger than film. It can be used repeatedly without losing its positive characteristics and destruction.

Transportation of the components of such a greenhouse, their storage, installation operations. All these works are performed with relatively little time and effort. Such a structure, if it is built correctly, will be resistant to a variety of natural, atmospheric and mechanical effects. It will withstand not only strong gusts of wind, but also a large amount of snow on the surface. The service life of such a greenhouse may exceed two decades.

However, with the help of the TITLE you can create a variety of projects. Aluminum, plastic and wooden frames. Various windows and opening / closing mechanisms. Separate structures and extensions to buildings, combining several objects into a single whole. In our assortment, there are always a large number of various component parts and accessories, so even a non-standard, especially difficult task will be solved accurately and without unnecessary costs. We emphasize that we carry out all operations with our own specialized units, without the involvement of outsiders.

These customer-friendly parameters of our services are provided by: professional staff, responsible approach to work, and the use of the latest techniques. Specify the conditions and prices for glazing greenhouses - you will not be disappointed.