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Gabriel Drummer was married and his son Jonathan was growing up, so he was completely satisfied with civilian life. But once he joined the Marine Corps together with his best friend Devin Roberts, because they had not parted since childhood, and always supported each other. First, Gabriel planned to serve under the contract, and return to the family, but after the time spent in hot spots, he could no longer stay at home. While Drummer fought, he dreamed of home and his family, and when he returned home, he dreamed of returning to war as soon as possible. As a result, his life turned into endless trips to hot spots, and he was lucky with a friend for a long time. However, during a trip to Afghanistan, everything changed.

It turned out that a unit of friends was ambushed, and during the shootout Devin was killed by a teenager. Gabriela had to shoot the teenager and his mother, and then Drummer accidentally found out that a friend was sleeping with his wife. Two shocking events deprived Drummer of reason, and he was commissioned. Despite the broken psyche of the marine, he was sent home unaccompanied, which was not worth admitting, because Drammer would start another war in his homeland.

Brother deyang

When a civil war broke out in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, Deyan Stanic was already a general, and, like most military men, took a direct part in the conflict. He believed that his leaders were right and that he was protecting the interests of his fellow citizens, so he was ready to fight the enemy by any means. Often, the general gave criminal orders to his subordinates, knowing this very well, but he believed that without numerous victims even from civilians, it was impossible. As a result, after the war, Stanic turned into the most wanted war criminal.

Deyang was not going to leave the country, but his supporters did everything possible to save his life and hide from justice. 11 years after the end of hostilities, the general had to hide in safe houses, and his life turned into hell. His fellow citizens still considered him their hero, but in his homeland he lived as a prisoner. Often, Stanich managed to escape from his guard, and then he enjoyed complete freedom, but this did not last long, and soon the general again had to follow the rules of conspiracy. He was no longer young, and was ready to meet with death, so once he decided to visit his wife, whom he had not seen for several years, knowing full well that he was driving himself into this trap with this desperate act ...