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Tell me, please, do you, really, distinguish borscht, which is prepared in your family from any other borscht? Of course, distinguish, because this is individuality, originality and style. I don’t even talk about recipes. But today we are going to speak not about borscht, but to a little-familiar dish - Bakhsh Bakhsh, this dish of the people about the existence that we have learned from the Golden Calf. Remember, there is a clever man predicted to journalists: "The stupidest of you will get the full armor of a Bukhara Jew, a cotton robe". And everyone wondered what kind of stupid Bukhara Jews are, walking in the heat in wadded robes. Yes, they walk because it is good thermal insulation and the body does not overheat. And we are so smart walk in the heat in light open attire and we are much worse.

And so, we begin to cook bakhsh, for this we need: dill, parsley, cilantro, green onion, onion, rice 1 kg, spices, vegetable oil 60 g, liver 0.300 g, mutton 0.300 g, salt, black pepper. Soak 1 kg of non-sticky rice. Put the pot of water on the fire, let it boil. Cut the liver into small cubes and put it in boiling water literally for a bit to turn white. Put it on the dish, let it cool. Now we cut the meat first into thin plates, plates, into strips, and strips the size of two rice. We also cut the liver. Onions cut rings. Greens need a lot, we also cut it very finely.

Pour a glass of oil in the pot, and when it boils, throw meat there and stir. The meat here will be short-lived, until everything intensively turns white, and the code turns white, we throw liver here. Stir and do not let it stick to the bottom. Now it's green time, do not be afraid that it is a lot. Continue to stir everything, when the greens turn dark, pour boiling water a little more than a liter. Now we add salt, moreover, so that the broth tastes a bit salty, do not be afraid, rice loves salt, it will drink it. Add 2 tablespoons of black pepper.

While everything is cooked, we are engaged in rice. It is washed at least seven times, until the water from it merges completely without turbidity. Now mix the rice with onion rings and a couple spoons of butter. Now we take rice and pour it over boiling meat and add boiling water through a skimmer, carefully so as not to disturb the layer of rice. Strengthen the fire to the limit, the faster the boil, the better. When all the water has been absorbed into the rice, you need to try it and if it turns out that the rice has not cooked, add a little boiling water, cover with a lid and let it cook. When the rice is ready, remove from the heat, mix everything, close the lid and let stand for 20 minutes. We serve to the table on a large platter, otherwise there is no longer any strength to expect.