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This course is a 2-day course about surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, which has been offered since 1996. Preoperative workup of both thyroid and parathyroid surgical disease will be discussed, with an emphasis on fine needle aspiration and preoperative parathyroid localization imaging options.

Surgical techniques will be reviewed (recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring, parathyroid identification and preservation, intraoperative PTH analysis and new surgical approaches) and minimally invasive surgical techniques will be discussed. Molecular genetic analysis for differentiated and medullary thyroid carcinoma and advances in oncogene research will also be presented.

Surgical philosophy regarding bilateral thyroid surgery, its risks, surgical treatment of the neck, and surgical treatment of invasive tracheal disease will be presented, and we will also review recognition and treatment of postoperative complications along with new advances in their treatment.

A panel discussion will focus on difficult cases with a focus on avoidance and early recognition of surgical complications, which will include audience participation.


  • Physician (MD/DO): $US825
  • Fellow/Resident: $US300
  • Allied Health: $US300

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Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

9 November 2018 to 10 November 2018

Boston Marriott Long Wharf, Boston USA

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(617) 384 8600

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