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31 May 2017

ASOHNS congratulates member Dr David Cronin - 2017 recipient of the RACS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Medal.

Dr Cronin is an OHN surgeon from Queensland. He has been involved in, and led, numerous surgical teams to Aboriginal communiities since 1982 when he first attended 'Deadly Ears' clinics in Doomadgee, Queensland.

He a strong advocate for a reduction in the burden of ear disease among Aboriginal children and has presented on the issue at a number of national and international conferences.

Dr Cronin has also been involved in a diverse range of instructive sessions with Aboriginal health workers.

The Indigenous Health Medals were introduced in 2015 as part of the RACS' efforts to celebrate individuals who are helping to close the gap in health outcomes for Maori and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.